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Intention(s) and Invocation(s)

Every year, on New Year’s Day (our anniversary), my dh and I write down (on thin strips of recycled paper) all of the things we want to experience (manifest) collectively and individually in the coming new year. Once we write down and share our intentions and invocations we tie the pieces of paper to a piece of reed (left over from basket making) shaped into a circle and hang it inside near our front door (the energy portal of a home). There the wreath will hang, reminding and inspiring us, throughout the year. Then when New Year’s Eve rolls around we take down the wreath, burn or bury (doing an Ayni Despacho ceremony, a fire ceremony, or sometimes no ceremony at all) in effort to make space for the new.

This year we’re putting a new spin on an old tradition (inspired by this lovely Plant Journeys newsletter)!

This year, instead of creating a wreath, we filled a glass bowl with our intentions and added in herbs and plants in effort to add the elemental energies (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) to our intentions and invocations!

To our intentions and invocations we’ve added:

*Fennel seeds – Assimilation of experience and to strengthen one’s hunger for life

*Rosemary – For inviting in strong intellectual pursuits, protecting the mind and health.

*Cinnamon – For magnifying health and prosperity.

*Sage – For clearing negativity, protecting one’s space, and calling in of spirit guardians

Cedar (leaf tips harvested after a wind storm) – ‘Arbor Vitae’ = Tree of Life

Pine Cones (full of seeds which we’ll plant) – Inspire us to plant and nourish ALL of our dream seeds

Mustard seed – Nothing is impossible if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed ~Jesus

Orange (peel) – Reduce accumulation

Bay Leaves – Protection

Lavender – Raises spirits (and inspires me to dream!)

The result:

May your heart be wide open to the pure potentiality of 2012!

Wishing each of you a dream come true new year!

All love,

*from Ananda Lakshmi Wilson, Plant Journeys, New Year’s Herbal (Un) resolutions and Simple Ceremony, December 31, 2011 post