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Photo Journal Update (1)

Here is a little photo journal update of what’s been going on this week, but first:

The winner of our last giveaway has not yet claimed her prize. Note to rawkinmom, if you’re reading this contact me ASAP to claim The Miracle of Greens dvd you won. I will run Random Generator and pick a new winner (from those who already entered the giveaway) on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 if the initial winner does not claim her prize before then.

Moving on…

She's here!

Our Norwalk is finally here (note: if you see orange splatters on the walls that would be carrot stains as we are still learning how to prevent throwback, lol)! Thanks to Kristen Suzanne, and her Norwalk video series, we’re learning some new tricks in less time. Huge thanks to Lauren for telling me about the videos to begin with!

I put up some inspiring quotes on the inside of my kitchen cabinets, so that every time I open them I get a little food for my soul!

Our backyard pond has become a nursery. Several of our resident frogs (here is a picture of one of the little guys) have been doing the tadpole making deed over the last month +, and now we have itty bitty tadpoles emerging.

This past weekend we had our first sunny, warm day. Here is Boyboy, one of our year-round resident backyard hummingbirds, enjoying the warmer spring weather!

I love Pinterest, don’t you? There are true kindred spirits there! It’s the little happy place I go to on days when I am not feeling well. It’s a fun, easy, and uplifting thing to do when I otherwise can’t do much. You could say pinning is my newest hobby, lol. Here are a couple of my favorite pins this week.


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Simply makes me smile

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What have you been up to this week?

All love,