Indoor Garden and Sprouting Station

I received several emails, following the Growing Microgreens post, about my indoor garden set-up. For those who are interested this post highlights how I set-up my indoor garden and sprouting station. Trust me you don’t need any fancy set-up, or even very much space, to grow sprouts and or microgreens indoors. That said once you catch the indoor gardening buzz, I can’t promise you won’t want to transform your space to accommodate more!

Here is my basic set-up for my indoor garden. It is a simple metal shelf you can get at any home improvement store or online.

Indoor Garden | My Kitchen Apothecary

As you can see it is near multiple windows, which provides a lot of light but no direct sun. However, since I live in the Pacific Northwest sometimes extra light is needed. So I hung lights on the shelves to be used when needed.

Light fo rIndoor Garden | My Kitchen Apothecary

Our house is nicely insulated and has double pane windows, but even still a little extra warmth is sometimes called for in the winter. Seedling heating mats do a nice job, safely, without causing your electric bill to skyrocket.

Heat Mat Indoor Garden | My Kitchen Apothecary

Wheatgrass, I’ve discovered, does better with circulating air. It can be prone to mold otherwise. I improvised and bought a small fan and zip-tied it to the shelving unit upside-down so that it would work the way I wanted it to. It works really well.

Wheatgrass | My Kitchen Apothecary

Fan for Indoor Garden | My Kitchen Apothecary

The lights, fans and heating mats all require electricity, of course. With a simple power-strip, zip-tied to the shelf, I was able to bring power to the unit. All I did was zip-tie everything in to place and run the cords nicely down the pole to the power-strip. You’ll notice there is a timer too, which is helpful if you want to control your lights, or entire unit, to go on and off at specific times.

Power for Indoor Garden | My Kitchen Apothecary

All of my microgreens are grown in trays with holes and then set in trays without holes. This way I can water, in place, without any problems!

So that’s the indoor garden in a nut-shell.

Now on to the sprouting station…

I have a little corner in my kitchen designated for sprouting.

Sprouting Station | My Kitchen Apothecary

Since I don’t do a lot of baking anymore I turned my glass loaf pan into the stand and water collection site for the sprouting jars (I use the lids from SproutPeople but you can easily create your own).

As you can see it is easy to use everyday items to create your own indoor garden and sprouting station!

Now, go grow your own food!

In Joy,


Stay tuned for the next post as we have a terrific guest who is going to share a way to expand your yields with little space and time, as well as help us (we’ve got your back Gerson folks) grow our own organic watercress.

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5 responses to “Indoor Garden and Sprouting Station

  1. What a nice set up Treesa. I have a lot of those things already around the house. I’m inspired to put a station together for growing. xx


  2. Oh I love it.


  3. Love your growing space :) I have wanted a set up like this for a long time you’ve inspired me to get to the task.


  4. I love your indoor garden Treesa. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am so inspired by your set up I am going to try to make up my own. Maybe it will help me be more dedicated to growing sprouts and greens as I tend to go in spurts and grow wheatgrass for awhile and be so happy about it and then get distracted by life. I love how fresh greens make me feel. Definitely doing this!


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