Our Family Favorite Hummus

Are you a hummus lover? I never was, but my husband is and so years ago I set out on a mission to find a husband pleasing hummus recipe. We sampled a few store-bought varieties and tried a couple different recipes to make at home. Still I was not a convert. He seemed happy with whatever variety I put in front of him, but as much as my husband loves to eat (as long as it’s vegan) I didn’t want to settle with an “it’s ok” kind of recipe.

It’s not like hummus making is exactly rocket science, but still I wanted something that my husband would love and not just think was ok. Finally I scrapped the recipes and just started playing around with quality ingredients in different combinations. Eureka. For the love of hummus I struck gold. Not only did I create a light, fluffy hummus my husband loves; I actually loved it too. It has since been appropriately named: Our Family Favorite Hummus.

While it has all the standard ingredients you’d find in most hummus recipes using organic, fresh, high-quality ingredients in specific quantities made all the difference to our palates.

While the original recipe is yummy and healthy all on its own, if you are a food medicine maker as I am you probably like to sneak in extra healthy goodness into each dish you make to bump up the nutritional profile even more. Rest assured this recipe lends itself beautifully to adding in more food medicine! Simply make the original recipe and then add in some kale, red pepper, carrot, etc. You can also garnish with olive oil (as is popular so it seems) or smoked paprika, although I prefer not to do so.

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Our Family Favorite Hummus

2 c chickpeas (soaked, sprouted, rinsed, cooked, rinsed, cooled)
¼ c pure water
3 Tbl lemon juice (fresh pressed)
2 Tbl tahini
1 clove garlic (minced)
½ tsp sea salt

Soaking and sprouting your chickpeas first will help with digestion, but you can, if you prefer, cook your chickpeas as you normally would.

Also, I prefer to make the hummus once the chickpeas are cool.

Once your chickpeas are ready simply place all ingredients into a food processor and process until it’s nice and smooth. It should have a light, fluffy consistency.

Once you’ve made the original recipe eat and enjoy as is or add-in other healthy goodness, as mentioned above. I suggest incorporating add-in items in small quantities working up to your desired taste. Otherwise you might overpower the hummus.

Spread on pita, flatbread, dip crudité or eat on its own. However you eat your hummus I hope this becomes a favorite in your family too.



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2 responses to “Our Family Favorite Hummus

  1. It’s all in the quality ingredients like you said.


  2. You had me at light and fluffy. OK you had me at hummus but hate when mine gets heavy and bland. So excited to try. Thanks for sharing. :)


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