Growing Microgreens (Guest Post & Giveaway)

Growing Microgreens

Guest post by: Susan Alima Friar

Each New Year feels like a fresh start to me and an opportunity to explore new ways to go deeper, have more fun and enjoy life. As winter digs its tendrils into the garden and sends its icy fingers everywhere, I enjoy being cozy in a warm house. Yet, I do long for the taste of spring.

For most of us, the garden has been put to bed. Eating from my garden is one of my greatest joys. Well, I found my winter solution. While living in New Mexico I had very poor soil and abundant light many days. I began growing microgreens—shoot peas and sunflowers. Inspired by others’ efforts, I expanded to broccoli, kale, cilantro microgreens,etc. In one to two weeks, in our 65 degree home, we had greens all winter long. An indoor garden helps lighten the winter blues, the grey, rainy or snowy days. Daily I checked for emerging greens. Much to my surprise, they thrived indoors– even on grey days…like in rainy Hawaii where we had more clouds than sun. And now I am growing microgreens in Colorado.

Do you miss the fresh taste of peas, beets, cilantro, gentle or piquant flavors to complement your salad, your soup or to add nutrition to your smoothie?

In my joy, I began selling them at our local farmers’ market and then teaching folks to grow their own. I found that most microgreens are easy to grow and inexpensive (less than store bought and much fresher. You can grow them in plastic pots with drainage holes, in fruit clamshell containers, or in anything with drainage holes. If you compost, you already have a good soil base. If you sprout or want to learn, you are on your way. And many seeds are just planted dry. You can maximize your nutritional content with these little gems and avoid bacterial problems from packaged greens. FYI my secret: it takes me 5-10 minutes a day to grow enough greens for 4 people.

A note from Treesa:

Thanks to Alima I finally took the leap from growing sprouts, which I have done for years, to growing microgreens. The how-to guidelines from Alima’s book, Growing Microgreens Step by Step, made the process simple and successful. In the midst of a snow storm I was growing an indoor garden and harvesting fresh broccoli and kohlrabi microgreens at the end of it! How cool is that?


My first harvest.


Alima wants to share her love of growing microgreens so she is gifting one My Kitchen Apothecary reader with an e-book version of Growing Microgreens Step by Step: From Seed to Table in Seven to Ten Days! Her book has step-by-step instructions for successfully growing microgreens and has several tasty recipes (mostly vegan) using microgreens in inspiring ways.

To enter the giveaway post a comment below. It’s as simple as that! For an ‘extra’ entry simply share this giveaway on Facebook and be sure to leave a comment below telling me you’ve done so!

The winner will be chosen by Random Generator on Wednesday March 5, 2014.

A BIG thank you to:
Alima for opening up a whole new realm of indoor gardening to me!


Todd’s Seeds for the high quality broccoli and kohlrabi seeds that made for a successful and delicious first microgreens harvest!

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23 responses to “Growing Microgreens (Guest Post & Giveaway)

  1. I would love to learn how to grow microgreens in my house. What a neat idea.


  2. Oh and I shared on fb.


  3. I have seed packs already so this would be perfect to get me started :) thx


  4. I sprout all the time and want to expand my indoor gardening. I need this guidebook!


  5. shared


  6. Thanks Treesa and Alima for the great giveaway. I would love to know more about microgreens!
    Also shared on fb.


  7. crystalriverinme

    Looks like a great resource I would love to have!


  8. You got me into sprouting now maybe growing microgreens too.


  9. Curious about this and wanting to try glad for recipes.


  10. fb share :)


  11. This would be fun to try with my daugther. :)


  12. I have a black thumb so this would be good! Glad to know about this resource.


  13. Curious enough to want to give it a try! Sprouted years ago but got out of the habit of doing it.


  14. This would be fun to try! Thanks Treesa and Alima for the opportunity to win.


  15. I wnat to win this for my mom she is into this kinda stuff :)


  16. fb share :)


  17. I would love to be entered to win this ebook. Thanks.


  18. This would be fun to try. I never knew about this before.


  19. Randle Williams

    Already grow sunflower micro greens and would like to learn about growing others. Thank you for offering this to your readers


  20. I think it would be great to leran her techniques. Had some problems when I tried once before. Hope to learn the way to do it right. Thanks for hosting.


  21. Melissa Piper

    Oh the recipes would be so helpful. This is great.


  22. This is perfect for me. I wanted to venture into the world of sprouting and micro gardening for sometime. This would be just the thing to get me going. :)


  23. so interested in trying this :) thx


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