Dream Seeds – 2014

It’s that time of year, a new year! Hope and excitement for what is to come is at an all-time high. There is so much to look forward to. The possibility of three hundred sixty-five (three hundred fifty-two at the time of this post) brand new days of a new year captures us with delight.

People have set their intentions, made resolutions and or are already at work on their goals. For me it’s time for planting dream seeds and further nurturing the dream seeds I have already planted, but are not yet ready from the past year(s). In our winter garden seeds lie dormant, but full of life and possibility. So too do dream seeds. In my fertile mind and heart lie dream seeds in various stages of being and becoming. Some dream seeds I have been nurturing and tending to for a long time, like my dream to fully recover my health and my dream to experience optimal wellness. Every dream seed is waiting for the right time to be cracked open by the light and begin growing until, at just the right time, it blooms.

I have learned that not every dream seed will flourish. I have also learned that sometimes, just when you’re about to give up on what feels like a dead dream, the seed cracks open and starts coming to life. Once you plant your dream seed the only other thing(s) you can do is love, nurture and nourish it. Its becoming happens in its own time, in its own way.

I hope that your dream seeds will bloom abundantly this new year!

In January stillness
prayers reach down
into darkness
like winter roots.
Underground they
grow branches and
weave shadow nests
for the winged life
of our dreams.
Ellen Grace O’Brian (adaptation from December Stillness)

Wishing you many blessings and a beautiful 2014!

All love,


Speaking of seeds, vegetable seeds in this case, My Kitchen Apothecary is pleased to have a lovely guest blogger joining us to share her passion and tips for growing microgreens. Look forward to that, and a giveaway, next time!

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4 responses to “Dream Seeds – 2014

  1. Beautiful.


  2. crystalriverinme

    Lovely, love. If anyone deserves a great year it is you.


  3. Thank you for your sweet post and sweet wishes. I wish every one of your dreams come true and that they are even more beautiful than you imagined. <3


  4. Dream seeds I love the thought. Hope you have a great new year Treesa.


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