Bottled Sunshine

My Grandma has a huge, old (I’m in my thirties and it’s older than I am), lemon tree growing in her backyard. So when my mom was recently down in Southern California for a visit she stocked up on some lemons! Yeah!

I wanted to make:

Tess Masters Raw Lemon Cheesecake Smoothie


Susan Powers Lemon Thyme Pine Nut Cheesecake

However, my Vitamix is in the shop (I broke it). So instead of blending up some amazing lemon concoction I opted for a simple, no-fuss, lemonade.

Bottled Sunshine | My Kitchen Apothecary

Bottled Sunshine
1 c fresh squeezed lemon juice
3 c coconut water (or water kefir)
desired sweetener of choice, to taste (I used stevia)

Juice lemons. Stir in coconut water (or Kefir). Add in sweetener to taste. Chill. Serve. Enjoy.

Note: It would be delicious with a little mint infused into the lemonade, but since I did not have any mint on hand I had to go without.

My sweet kitty, Chance, investigating the photo-shoot!

What are your favorite vegan recipes using lemons?

In Joy!


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18 responses to “Bottled Sunshine

  1. Cute cat. Beautiful flowers. I would love some bottled sunshine. :)


  2. So there’s Chance! :) Bri is still asking about the frogs.


    • There he is! OMG, CD, you would not believe how many tadpoles we have this year. I’ll give you a hint – triple (probably closer to four) digits.


  3. I can smell the lemons from here. Divine. Lemon=Summer=Love


  4. It is so hot here. I could go for a cool glass of this now. Cruel that it popped up on my FB feed when I am hot and thirsty haha. Super cute cat.


  5. Would love to have a lemon tree in my backyard. How wonderful to have your own supply of citrus. Nom. :)


    • I know, Susan. Nothing better than freshly picked fruit too. But it is hot down in Southern Cali. I don’t think I could handle living there anymore. I prefer my cool weather pears, apples, figs and persimmons that are in my yard! Maybe Peter will plant you a lemon tree. You could pull it off in your neck of the woods, couldn’t you? <3


  6. awe cute cat


  7. Great idea to make the lemonade with water kefir!


  8. Looks very refreshing!


  9. You broke your Vitamix – yikes! Celeste :)


    • I know; it’s beyond sad. I have had it for years and years, using it multiple times a day. One bad moment and now it’s in the shop (sigh, sniffle).


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