Broccoli Pine Nut Paté (Part 2)

Did you enjoy the Virtual Vegan Potluck? There were 139 participating bloggers this time around! Wow. It took me days to click through all the yummy eats and collect new recipes to try. How about you?

I brought Broccoli Pine Nut Paté bites to the virtual table, and as I shared on that post there are more ways to enjoy this paté.

Of course you can never go wrong with crudités, right?

This paté also works really well for a fast, healthy, filling meal. All you need to do is toss the paté with kelp noodles (as I did), veggie noodles or your favorite noodle of choice.


I have not tried this yet, but I bet it would also make a nice raw veggie soup (by adding veggie broth to the paté and blending).

This paté is very accommodating as you can see. Have fun turning it into a new favorite, healthy eat!



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6 responses to “Broccoli Pine Nut Paté (Part 2)

  1. I made this pate after your first post and had it on basam flatbread. It was good! Thank you. I have never had kelp noodles before. Can you get them at the local stores?


    • Oh, what a great idea, Rizena, to put it on socca. Thanks for sharing that idea! Yes, many grocery stores sell kelp noodles (in the fride section usually). That is a great way to try it out. If you end up liking it (and wanting to use it often) you can save money by ordering a case from Sea Tangle Noodle Co. (they keep out of the fridge for six months). They really have no taste on their own so you can use them in all kinds of recipes. You just have to soak and drain them before use. That is all. No cooking needed, which lends itself perfectly to healthy, quick, raw meals!


  2. This was really good on carrot noodles! Never tried kelp noodles before will have to try. I dont like seaweed.


  3. I just stumbled onto your blog a couple weeks ago and have been reading through it. Nicely done.
    I tried this pate using soaked cashews as that is what I had and it came out nice. I am going to try the pine nuts next time I have them on hand as I bet it tastes even better with them.


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