Cauliflower Pizza Crust (Review)

It seems like just about everyone has been posting and or talking about cauliflower crusts. Have you noticed? Well, I finally got around to trying a recipe.

There are lots of recipes circulating around the Internet, but in the end I decided to try Love & Lemons vegan version.

The crust out of the oven and ready for toppings:

Since I was making this pizza for my husband I topped it with mushroom and tomato marinara and Daiya. You can top it with any vegan combination you can think of (pesto, nut cheese, veggies, et al.).


It came out slightly too moist (I think because I used the whole head of a large cauliflower, which was more than what was called for), because of this it did not slice up perfectly. Other than that the taste was fantastic. I asked my husband if he could guess what the crust was made out of. He couldn’t. He guessed all kinds of flour/grains, but not cauliflower. After I told him what the crust was made out of he smiled and said, “I should have guessed it would have been a veggie!”

I will have to work on getting the texture right, but overall I would call this recipe a hit. Both my husband and mom liked it! My husband, as he was happily scarfing down his pizza, was telling me all the different toppings he would like to try on it. With a crust this healthy I will happily oblige.

Recipe notes:
-  I made (and recommend) the vegan /flax ‘egg’ version
-  I was out of onion powder so I put in more garlic powder
-  I also added more nutritional yeast (my hubby loves nutritional yeast)

If you haven’t tried cauliflower pizza crust yet you should. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



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17 responses to “Cauliflower Pizza Crust (Review)

  1. I have been seeing them around the web too but not yet tried it. I will now. Hope you are well. Heidi, Bri and I are thinking about you (and the frogs – can guess who said that)!


  2. crystalrivernme

    haha “should have guessed it would have been a veggie.” So true. We wives (and especially food medicine makers) are sneaky that way! I will for sure be giving this a try. I tried another version and it did not come out. This one looks so much healthier than the recipe I tried before. Think it will be dinner sometime this weekend. :)


  3. Saw this new post pop up in my email before leaving work so I am going to head to the grocer and get the ingrediants. I want some pizza tonight. Thanks in advance for sharing the recipe resource link.


  4. This sounds interesting. I’m curious to try it since your hubby could not identify that it was cauliflower. Seems so strange. It is on my list to make this weekend. Im excited. thx


  5. Melinda Conroy

    I think its time to try. Why do I feel so nervous about it (lol). If it was nasty it would not be popular right? Ok Ill try. ;)


  6. Tried it last night and like it, so glad you shared. <3


  7. You’ve got me. I’m going to make it and not tell my kids what it is made out of and see how they respond. It will be so exciting if like your husband they don’t notice. So happy you shared.


  8. Just saw your post update as I am behind in my emails. Thanks for this cause I am gonna try it tonight. yeah :)


  9. Rosemary Lader

    I never heard of cauliflower crusts. This is so interesting. It actually looks like dough too and the fact that your husband did not know what it is makes me want to try it. Just found your blog and love it! Thanks.


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