Kale Chips (that turn haters into lovers)

Several years ago, when I first started eating a high-raw diet, I tried kale chips. I had to. Everyone in the ‘raw food world’ seemed to praise kale chips. As it turned out, I hated them. I hated every recipe I tried. Finally, I quit trying.

Fast forward a couple years – to the day Michelle K. posted a kale chip recipe at Raw Food Rehab. Had I not been a huge Michelle K. fan already I probably would have bypassed the video. I’m so glad I didn’t, because Michelle shared that she too had tried several kale chip recipes and also didn’t like them until she made this recipe. So, I bravely gave it a try. That was several years ago and it remains my all-time favorite, go-to, kale chip recipe.

Thanks to Michelle (and Penni’s) recipe, I went from a kale chip hater to a kale chip lover!

Here are my kale chips going into the dehydrator:

I ate ‘em all before I remembered I should have taken an after shot.

You can watch Michelle’s video and access her Addicted to Kale recipe here!

My notes:

-  I always make a double batch!

-  I use wheat-free tamari instead of Braggs

-  I like to sprinkle a little extra nutritional yeast on top

If you’ve been a kale chip hater, give this recipe a try!



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14 responses to “Kale Chips (that turn haters into lovers)

  1. Thanks (dear, VF) for sharing this. I have been a hater. Guess it is time to try again.


  2. Kristen Shulta

    Yum. I like all kinds of kale chips. :)


  3. Kale chips are my favorite. Looking forward to trying this version. Glad to see your post today. Hope you are feeling better!


  4. Just watched the video. She’s cool! Raw Food rehab is the best. Funny we didn’t meet there but on FB. Go figure.


    • Really. Go figure. Michelle is great. I love her. If you go to the culinary section you will find all of her videos listed. She posts great stuff!


  5. I like that they don’t have nuts as so many of the recipes do. Thanks for sharing!


  6. crystalrivernme

    I’ve got a batch in the dehy. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks. :)


  7. We have a 10 yr old boy that we mentor. He totally stays away from any type of vegetable – hates veggies – like Superman and kryptonite! Got him to try these. Now, he comes to our house and asks when I’m going to be making them again. He loves these chips! I send him home with the whole batch and repeatedly remind him not to eat them all at once ;) Whatever it takes to get this little guy some veggie goodness!


    • That is so awesome, Denise! Who knows maybe you’ll be able to sneak some more greens in to him via smoothies or other yummy raw goodies now? Quite a victory to have him noshing on kale chips though. Yeah to Michelle K’s awesome kale chips! :)


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