Catching Up & Moving Forward

This post has been a long time coming. When I wrote Personal Guidance System I had no idea I was about to take a six month sabbatical. I had just hit the six month mark on the Gerson Therapy when life took a turn I could not have foreseen.

Look At The Stars by Kayla Gordon

First, I was having problems on the therapy (full details forthcoming in another post). Then my husband was laid-off. Finally I was about to have multiple, and unexpected, surgeries. Every sign in my path made it clear that I could not continue the Gerson therapy beyond six months. To say I was devastated would be an understatement, and yet I also felt proud that I was able to do it for as long as I did! It is a hard, yet remarkable, program and I learned so much about myself while on it. Over the last several months, since Gerson, my nutritional healing protocol has ebbed in and out of different therapies. The one constant being my unwavering commitment to nourishing my body to wellness.

I don’t mean for this post to be so nebulous. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here, still kicking, and still working at the office of healing! I’m not quite up and on my feet yet (both literally and figuratively), but hope to at least be able to post once a month or so until I am strong enough to return FT.

I promise to share the details of this wild ride moving forward.

Thinking all the best of you…

All love,


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26 responses to “Catching Up & Moving Forward

  1. jennifer lea dulin

    treesa, looking forward to more when you feel up to it…. i so admire your courage, and i have been learning a lot through your blog….. real tangible usable learning, and i am so grateful. jennifer


  2. I was so happy to see this email come through that you are back to your blog. I have missed you. Been praying for you.


  3. Yeah, you’re back. You were missed.


  4. It’s been too long. Glad you are stil kickin’ it!


  5. Six month on Gerson is worth being proud of. Glad to have you back!


  6. xxx hugs xx


  7. Sweet note to know you are OK. So glad to have you back. Yeah! xx


  8. Long time no hear. Sorry to learn its been a bumpy road for you but so glad to have you back and hope things get better soon. :)


  9. Wonderful you’re back!


  10. Oh Treesa, so good to hear from you! Your strength and tenacity are an inspiration. Will look forward to more posts when you’re up to it <3


  11. crystalrivernme

    Welcome back. You were missed. :)


  12. glad to have you back sweet peaxoxox


  13. Better late than never! ;)


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