Primary (Gerson) Recipes

In the last post I shared the food medicine schedule I am currently on. If you saw that post you probably noticed there is a lot of repetition, and you’re right. Unlike juice feasts I have done in the past were I constantly vary what I put in each juice, there is no variation to the primary recipes used in this food medicine protocol. The variety, on the Gerson therapy, comes in what raw or slightly cooked vegetables and fruit I choose to have at lunch and dinner (with the required soup and potato).

In the juice alone, that’s equal to (a day):
4 large heads of greens
1 bell pepper
35 carrots
8 apples
1-2 oranges

Here are the primary recipes (as vegetables vary in water content approximate amounts provided):

Orange Juice: 8oz, fresh pressed only
1 large orange (or 2 small)

Green Juice: 8oz, fresh pressed
2 wedges red cabbage
¼ small green bell pepper (capsicum)
Chard (silver beet)
Red leaf lettuce
1 medium green apple, cored, don’t peel

This is what I do to prep (and portion out) the vegetables that will be used for the green juice: Since I need to prep veggies for four green juices a day, I take four large bowls and evenly divide a head of chard, a head of romaine, a head of red leaf lettuce, and endive amongst the four bowls. To that I add a couple wedges of red cabbage and a few pieces of escarole and watercress. I soak, wash, and spin dry the contents of each bowl and place it in organic cotton bags until it is time to make the juice. I also have the apples and pepper washed and ready to go too, but I leave them in separate bags as to not squash and bruise the greens. I almost always get 8oz of juice per bag, however on the occasion it makes more I give the extra portion to my hubby!

Carrot/Apple Juice: 8oz, fresh pressed
3-4 large carrots
1 granny smith apple, cored, don’t peel

Carrot Juice: 8oz, fresh pressed
5 large carrots

* All produce must be organic.
* Juice is prepared using a Norwalk hydraulic press juicer.

Here’s a picture of lunch my sweet mom made for me on Wednesday!

Hippocrates Soup, Salad and Potato with chives and garlic infused flax oil

Hippocrates Soup – 4 portions/two days

1 medium celery knob (or 3-4 stalks of celery)
2 cloves garlic (or to taste, I like to use a lot)
2 small leeks
1 ½ lbs of tomatoes
2 medium onions
1 lb potatoes
handful of parsley

What to do:
Wash veggies and then cut the vegetables coarsely into ½ inch cubes. Put in large pot, and add enough pure water to just cover the vegetables. Bring to a boil then lower heat and simmer slowly for 1 ½ – 2 hours or until the vegetables are soft. Put the cooked vegetables through a food mill in small portions. Allow soup to cool before putting in the fridge. I use any ‘extra’ portions as part of the broth to make bean soup for my hubby!

Oatmeal Breakfast (one serving)

¾ cup (or up to 5 oz) rolled oats
1 cup (or up to 12 oz) purified water

Your choice toppings: raisins (pre-soaked), banana, kiwi fruit, etc………….(no berries allowed on Gerson)

Put rolled oats in a pot and cover with water. Bring to boil, then simmer for about 6-8 minutes or until oats are at the desired consistency. You may need to add more water as it is cooking. Add your choice of topping(s) and serve!

Healing The Gerson Way has a lot of recipes and all the instructions one needs to understand and or apply the Gerson therapy! It is a must read for anyone interested in the Gerson nutritional therapy program.

In the next post I’ll share the rationale (as I understand it) behind the very specific foods prescribed on the Gerson therapy.

’till then…

All love from my kitchen apothecary to yours,


29 responses to “Primary (Gerson) Recipes

  1. Wow. That must cost you a fortune to be on. I so admire you. I’m looking forward to learning more and watching you heal before our eyes. You should take before shots and also list all the sh*t you are dealing with so you can see your progress. I’d like to watch you check off your checklist. :) :) :)


  2. That takes commitment like nothing else to do that every single day, especially when you’re sick. I too admire you. You’re teaching me so much.


  3. Heck, I have no excuse for not getting a minimum of one veggie juice into me a day. You inspire me to want to do better for myself and for my family in preservation of our health. Loads of gratitude and always best wishes.


  4. You’re a wise woman, wellness warrior! Looks like you have a sweet momma too! The lunch she made you looks fantastic. Wishing you great success on your journey. I see there is much for me to learn!


  5. Sue Sheffield

    I could never afford to do this. i’m so curious about it though.


    • It is expensive, that is for sure, but the price of not doing it is even greater. Our (lack of) health care system puts money into the hands of big pharma and doesn’t even consider putting it into the hands of organic farmers. That is a big mistake and a system way out of balance in my view.


  6. Gonna give these recipes a try, might even try a full day of it. Also thinking about starting a blog and if so you will be on the blogroll for sure, you inspire me so much kind kindred spirit.


  7. I have seen the Gerson Miracle movie, but not the books, yet. I’ve been very curious to find out what the protocols are, so now I can see what you, an actual practioner of the therapy, will share. Looking forward to the rationale behind the very specific foods. (…and I echo the above comments on what love your sweet mom prepares your meals with. An appealing looking meal so nourishes the soul, as well.) Blessings for much strength along your journey. :)


  8. As an immune compromised person myself, I’m curious what your progress was? I’ve been interested in Gerson for some time but it has such huge time & $ commitments and with working, it’s impractical. Also, so many people talk about the Paleo AIP- What’s your feeling about that? Thanks for sharing this. Best


    • At the very beginning of the book, Healing the Gerson Way, it is noted that if you can’t sustain the therapy for the longhaul don’t proceed (my words not theirs). It does take a huge committment both timewise and otherwise, so careful consideration as to whether or not this is the therapy for you should be made. I decided to proceed with the therapy even though I knew I would have to make adjustments to it, which they do not recommend. I did the therapy for half a year and then had to come off of it because I was not doing well on it. My insulin levels were really high despite coming off of the carrot juice and taking out a lot of the apples, and overall I was not experiencing great healing on the therapy. Some people do, even early on, but I was one of the ‘few’ who did not respond well. This was largely due to the fact that I am pre-diabetic and also healing a major brain illness, both of which are health conditions that have lower success on Gerson than many other conditions. For me, it was worth a try. I am glad I did it, but, by itself, it turned out not be the best healing path for me.

      If you know that you will have issues with any part of the therapy straight out of the gate, then my thought(s), per my own experience, is to consider whether or not it is truly the therapy for you. There are many similar models to the Gerson Therapy. The Budwig protocal for example shares a great many similarities with the Gerson Therapy, but is unique in its own right. A simple online search will likely link you to different nutritional healing therapies, one of which might work better for you.

      You can contact the Gerson Institute for help in deciding if this protocal is right for you and your healing needs. They would be far more helpful than I could ever be.

      I wish you all the best on your healing journey, Trish.


  9. Oh and one other thought. How to follow the protocol if you have an issue with nightshades? How does one proceed? Wishing you great health on your journey.


    • They address the nightshade issue in the book, Healing the Gerson Way (page 233), albeit in brief. Tomatoes, bell peppers, et al., are used on the therapy. You can take out certain foods that are problematic for your body. For example, the Gerson Therapy is not really recommended for diabetics, although there have been people who had diabetis that healed on the therapy. Diabetics, for example, take out the carrot juice, apples, and potato and just have greens, greens and more greens, which is what I ended up having to do one month in (because my insulin levels were running too high) and continued doing for another five months. Keep in mind though, that they really discourage modifications to the program, because the success they have is primarily the result of the program being done exactly as designed. You’ll need to decide if it is the right path for you.


  10. Thank you for your generosity. My question is that I can follow all of the protocols here while I’m on leave from the military but once deployed mid Feb. I will not hv any access to organics anything! Also I will only hv a salad bar to keep my consumption of veggies constant. How effective is the protocol if I don’t use organics? I can purchase some veggies myself while ported in different countries but the Middle East dies not offer much in organic produce. I will b taking my juicer on board but will hv to rely on veggies I can find. Also can I consume dates on this therapy?


    • Thank you, Evie, for your service. I admire your commitment to self-care even under challenging circumstances. In all honesty, as a practitioner of the therapy not an expert of it, I feel inadequate to answer your questions about how to proceed given the limitatons you are under. I would highly recommend contacting the Gerson Institute and getting their feedback. They may be able to offer helpful suggestions based on experience. Surely you are not the first to present the problem of limited/to no access to organics. You can visit their contact us page at

      In the book Healing The Gerson Way they state (page 146) that eating only organic foods is a must. That said there may be other things you can do either as a healing therapy or to work around the organics issue. I just don’t know what that would be. I hope they will have helpful suggestions for you. I sure wish I did.

      In regards to dates…no. Dried fruit is not allowed on the therapy.

      I hope the Gerson Institute will be able to answer your questions and provide workable solutions for you. I’m so sorry that I was not of any help.

      ‘If’ you have the time/ability to write back and share their suggestions that would be terrific. You certainly are not alone in having limited access to organics I’m sure, and so what you learn could be invaluable to others.

      Wishing you all the best on your healing journey,

      All love,


  11. I am also a gerson patient. I’m officially in week 33, but actually begin (w/o the supplements) about 4 weeks prior. I am healing from breast cancer. Gerson has helped in so many ways, but the tumor still grew (only much slower). I am working with a gerson dr.who is a naturopath. Thanks for your blog! Happy healing!


    • Dee: wishing you all the best on your healing journey.


    • Hello Dee, I am curious to why after 33 weeks of following the Gerson Diet, why the tumor has grown at all?? If you are doing the 13 juices a day along with everything else, I was under the impression that cancer COULD not grow at all, because essentially it is being starved of the sugars, salts, and animal protein that it needs to feed off of? Even if the tumor has not shrunk, it should not be growing AT ALL. Are you following the Gerson Diet 100% and if so, I would really love to know what your Gerson Doctor says the reason the tumor has slowed its growth, rather than STOP growing like it should??? I know its a 2 year process and your only in week 33 but you would think that after 33 weeks your tumor would certainly NOT be growing


    • Hi Dee, Can you please contact me?
      Please, Looking into the Gerson therapy for colon cancer. tahnk you


      • Hi Mary,
        Hope you are able to make contact with Dee! Also, in the event you do not already know, you can contact the Gerson Institute to ask questions. They are sometimes able to connect you with others who have/had the same disease and went through the program. Wishing you well. Treesa


      • Hello Treesa, thank you so much for responding!! So nice!!! Mary


  12. I just found you while searching for info on the Gerson therapy while I watch several amazing documentaries on netflix. I am so thankful at how you made it simple to understand and follow! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see how I feel on this “diet”. I suffer from obesity, all the typical problems with that (tired, joint issues, etc…), insomnia, severe depresion (even tho I think I am naturally a happy person), severe mood swings which have made me question if im bipolar, diagnosed with IBS (super fun issues), serious congestion/mucous issues, my gal bladder is not functioning properly and that is extremely painful. So I set out to figure out what i should do, Ive tried many things. Now I am to the point that I want to try something that I believe in even tho my family thinks it is ridiculous and radical. My mom just got diagnosed with cancer and started chemo….she refuses to drink juices even if I make them….she says it looks gross. I am praying that by me doing it first and hopefully getting results that are visible to my mom that I can get her to join me on this lifestyle change and journey.


    • I am glad that you found the information shared here helpful in some way. If you don’t already have the Healing the Gerson Way book I recommend getting it. It will walk you through the steps in-full so you can do the therapy at home. I wish you all the best on your healing journey, Cristin. I too hope your mom finds a healing path that is helpful for her. All the best.


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