Orange (no wax, no wick) Candle

I was lost pinning at Pinterest (go figure) when I stumbled upon a no wax, no wick, orange candle. I put the process to the test and it worke, so I thought I would share it with you!

Not the best picture in the world, but here’s my little orange candle (it burned for almost two hours)!

Here is Apartment Therapy’s Clementine Candle:

All you need to make this waxless, wickless candle is:
– an orange
– olive oil
– match

You can check out Apartment Therapy’s ‘How-To’ here.

In Joy!

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3 responses to “Orange (no wax, no wick) Candle

  1. I wonder if dried peels work too? That would be awesome if they burned they same way so you could save your peels and use (light) in emergencies and stuff.


  2. Wow, I never knew. Thanks for sharing. Fun.


  3. I made one with my little man last night and his eyes told the tale, they were as big and bright as the flame. We were both impressed. Nature is grand. Thanks for sharing. It turned out to be a fun ‘science’ experiment. :)


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